PHP is the most popular server-side scripting language in the world. There are such a lot of PHP frameworks with unbelievable options. It’s tough to create advanced applications or websites but with the help of PHP frameworks, we can create quick and easily develop a website.

PHP exclusive frameworks that always helps to build a complex software application, By using PHP frameworks build generic components and you can spend a lot of time for specific tasks and functionality, It is difficult to decide which framework is best but in general use and skills, you will aware about the best framework for the PHP Development.

Most common reasons why a developer like a PHP framework for easy and fast PHP Development.

=> Less code and quick development
=> Great Community supports
=> Performance Tools
=> Best for teamwork
=> Database abstraction
=> Email, Calendar and pagination
=> MVC pattern
=> Utilities and libraries
=> Proper code and file organization
=> Form validation

Top 5 PHP Frameworks:

Zend development

1. Laravel
2. Symfony
3. CodeIgniter
4. Cake PHP
5. Zend Framework